Month: August 2011


KSL did a great news piece last night  on the Scorpion, see the link below.  We’re getting closer, Garrett Booher and Spencer Barton painted the Scorp body last night.  Today, we’ll finish painting the black, paint the gold highlights and start working on the lighting. Still lots to do, but we’re getting closer!

KSL News piece tonight

      I haven’t posted many updates lately, been too busy.  There’s going to be a news piece about the scorpion on KSL tonight at 10, check it out.

Arm are done

We’re working seven days a week, 12 hours a day and boy are we getting  a lot done.  We completely finished up the arms today and are moving onto the body. All 20 hydraulic cylinders are up and running and the fire system is coming together.  Still lots to do and not much time…  We’ll […]

And the claws are…

still being worked on.  Man these things are super complicated, for sure the most difficult and challenging parts we will be creating on this project.  We should have the claws completely covered tomorrow by lunch time and then on to pinchers and the head. Jeremy is making some good progress on the fire system. We’re […]

Claws are taking shape

Another big day at the Bug House.  Garrett and I started framing out the claws and decided that the direction we were going wasn’t going to work so we had to chop it off and start over.  We are rocking and rolling now and the claws are taking shape fast. Coulson got our wheels attached […]