Month: July 2011

One less science project…

I ordered 8 strings of color  changing LED ribbon for the scorpion, thanks for the recommendation Alice Toler.  Each string is 5 meters long and somehow I needed to control all of the strings simultaneously.  I called up the company who was selling them and they couldn’t tell me if I could do this or […]

Arms are taking shape

Garrett and I worked our asses off today and cranked out some serious work on the arms.  We’ll finish up the last two sections tomorrow and then onto the claws on Monday. We also went to Design Resources this morning and picked up some sick fabric for the bus seats and for the cab of […]

Thursday’s Scorp Progress

  Big day on the Scorp today.  Garrett and Coulson framed out all of the arm sections and added skin to driver and passenger arm sections 1.  We had some difficulties with the skin and had to redo it once, part of the process of sometimes…  Tomorrow finish out adding skin to sections 1 and […]

The Arms and Tail are on

We had a big day at the Bug House today.  We added the last section of the tail, finished up the air bag installation and attached the front arms for the first time. As I mentioned in my last post the air bags were a real problem on the Mantis, we had to go through […]

Mantis Flame Effects

Here are some great pictures that David Baker took of the Mantis at E11.  Jeremy Smith spent quite a bit of time and updated the flame system recently.   We now have a hot water bath to help maintain tank pressure and we eliminated some of the plumbing restrictions.

Scorpion Weekend Updates

We cranked out a lot of work yesterday.  We have 2/3 of the tail up in the truck and welded the last hydraulic attach plates to the tail yesterday.  Monday we’ll add the third section of the tail to the truck, it will be so exciting to see the tail on the truck!     […]

Scorpion Progress Pictures

I have waited way to long to post picture of the scorpion project, I have been waiting to get my website flushed out so that it’s presentable.  Here the pics are finally! I also loaded up the Mantis build pictures from last year as well.  Enjoy