Thursday’s Scorp Progress


Big day on the Scorp today.  Garrett and Coulson framed out all of the arm sections and added skin to driver and passenger arm sections 1.  We had some difficulties with the skin and had to redo it once, part of the process of sometimes…  Tomorrow finish out adding skin to sections 1 and 2.


Also started receiving fire system goodies and lights  Everything is coming together very fast.














The Arms and Tail are on

We had a big day at the Bug House today.  We added the last section of the tail, finished up the air bag installation and attached the front arms for the first time.

As I mentioned in my last post the air bags were a real problem on the Mantis, we had to go through three iterations to get them right.  We nailed them the first time on the Scorp.

Tomorrow we start adding skin to the arms.

Garrett grinding on the arms.

Coulson checking out the attached arms.












Scorpion Weekend Updates

We cranked out a lot of work yesterday.  We have 2/3 of the tail up in the truck and welded the last hydraulic attach plates to the tail yesterday.  Monday we’ll add the third section of the tail to the truck, it will be so exciting to see the tail on the truck!


The other big piece we worked on was the arm connection to the truck.  Because of the length of the arm we’ve added a huge air bag to dampen the arm movements.  One side is setup and the other side is about half done.  Once the two air bags are attached there will be a 4×4 tube that connects the two sides.


We had a lot of challenges last year with the Mantis airbags.  Chris Coleman and I had to redo the airbag connection three times before we got it right.  There won’t be any rework this year.  It also helped that I got technical help directly from Firestone.  Last year I learned that the distributors don’t know anything about the airbags except if they have it in stock or not.