Claws are taking shape

Another big day at the Bug House.  Garrett and I started framing out the claws and decided that the direction we were going wasn’t going to work so we had to chop it off and start over.  We are rocking and rolling now and the claws are taking shape fast.

Coulson got our wheels attached to the front arms and also got our air horn up and running.  Ken will be able to blast the hell out of any burners who are standing in the way!  The wheels are there to protect the arms. When you hit a dip on the playa there’s a ton of force and we want those babies protected.

Jeremy started cranking on the fire system and already has most of the parts needed and laid some serious hose today.

First attempt at claw

Second attempt is looking good.


On our way for sure this time.






Jeremy laying some pipe.








That's one dirty fabricator.

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